We are grateful to the individuals, corporations, and foundations who support WPA through generous donations each year. This community of contributors helps Washington Project for the Arts fulfill its mission—supporting artists at all stages of their careers and promoting contemporary art by presenting exhibitions, issues, and ideas that stimulate public dialogue on art and culture.

Benefactor ($20,000+)  DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, an agency supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation

Sponsor ($10,000 – $19,999)  William and Alison Paley, Ripe

Patron ($5,000 – $9,999)  Elise Hoffmann, Carol Brown Goldberg and Henry H. Goldberg, Raymond Garcia, William S. Paley Foundation, Inc.

Donor ($2,500 – $4,999)  James L. Ritter and Andrea Calem, Mary Margaret and Scott Plumridge, Hickok Cole Architects, Judy and Andrew Sherman, Giselle and Benjamin Huberman, Frederick P. Ognibene, M.D., Andres Tremols and Michael Reamy, Mera Rubell, Kim and Tim Ward, Robert Shields Interiors, Rosemary Carter, Yvette Kraft, IntelCorporation, NoMa Business Improvement District, Rosslyn Building East Limited Partnership, Xerox Corporation

Supporter ($1,000 – $2,499) Lauren and Fernando Silva-Pinto, Abramson Family Foundation, Center for Democracy and Technology, Clark Construction Group, LLC, Paula Bruening, Susan and Dixon Butler, Turner Construction/Tompkins Builders, Washington Construction & Development, International Association of Privacy Prof, Jessica and Ragan Naresh, Marvin Morris, Michael Pollack, D.D.S., J Fine Art, Anthony Podesta, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Jocelyn Sigue and Jair Lynch, Molly Ruppert

Advocate ($500 – $999)  Sophia McCrocklin and William Isaacson, Sondra Arkin, Raymond Ritchey, Eden Hovenga, Knoll Group, Plaza Construction, Alistair Gellatly, Art Matters LLC, Crosscurrents Foundation, Georgia Nassikas, Joanne Brignolo, Joff Masukawa, Richard Seaton and John Berger, M.D., Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Michael Abrams, Randall Boe, Sandy Horowitz, Wolfram Anders

Friend ($100 – $499)  Julia Smith, Microsoft, Balfour Beatty Construction, Adah Rose Bitterbaum, Edward Racobaldo, Kathryn McDonnell, Melissa Vinick, Joseph Digangi, Alan Stone, Alice Denney, Brian Dailey, Cookie Kerxton, Liz and Tim Cullen, Michael Hickok, MOI, Nadine Gabai-Botero, Robert Cormack, Win Spin Cic Inc., Alan Simensky, Catherine Day, James Fitzpatrick, Judy Jashinsky, Patricia Lawrence, Richard Dana, Steven Rand, Wiles Mensch Corporation, Amanda Reynolds, Juanita Boyd Hardy, Judith Byron, Katherine Conradt, Lila Snow, Majorie Johnson, Marie-France Mathes, McMurray Architecture Interiors PLLC, Michael Borek, Michael Gross, Nancy Frankel, Nancy Garruba, Pattie Porter Firestone, Philippa Hughes, Rebecca Wilson, Robert Shore, Rudy Manuel, Sharon A. Wolpoff, Stephen Estrada, Susan Cook, Suzanne Bissell, Tomas Snoreck, Vivienne Lassman, Yolanda Cole

Associate ($1 – $99)  Spartan Surfaces, Inc., Ayanna Dunn, Bognet Construction, Brian Petro, AB Chadwick Design, Alexandra Silverthorne, Anne Marchand, Anne Marie Machetto, Carol Lukitsch, David Carlson, Diane Boone, Elizabeth Brotman, Ellen Hill-Godfrey, Eugene Fischer, Jennifer Freestone, Joan Konkel, Joan Weber, Judy Byron, Karyn Miller, Laura Roulet, Len Harris, Linn Myers, Lisa Gold, Lisa Neher, Lisa Scheer, Marlene Harrison, Mary Ann de Barbieri, Mary Ott, Michele Page Hoben, Nancy Montgomery, Raymonde van Santen, Sandra Gold, Sarah Boyce, ALKS & Associates, Mohawk, Structura, Edward B. Baker III, Allita Irby, Carolina Mayorga, Donald Wasserman, E. Brady Robinson, Haleh Design, Maida Withers, Millicent Young, Sara Sennett, Susan Rosenbaum, Kimball Office, Barbara Clemens, Cynthia Farrell Johnson, Linda Green, Susan Eder, Tom Green, Helga Thomson, Susan Fleischmann

Valuable in-kind support provided by:  Le Bastide du Roy René, Belvedere Vodka, Bonhams, Design Cuisine, Handle with Care, Inc., Hickok Cole Architects, The Jackson Design Group, Peacock Café, Shaw Contract Group, Somerset Partners, Thompson LES, Vivo Design,