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My paintings are like life itself, full of texture, light, shadows, scratches and 

asymmetries, never perfect but always passionate. I like when my work reflects the 

passage of time, the patina we collect throughout life. And I also like it when it is bold 

and bright, signaling the beginning of something exciting. 
I use all sorts of different materials: oils, paint, wax, crayons, wood, paper, and many 

more. Experimenting with different materials allows me to explore

without feeling imprisoned by a specific medium or a technique.
Most of my work is abstract and untitled because emotions cannot be condensed into 

a single image or word. I think this gives the observer more freedom to feel, reminisce, and react to the work. If my paintings evoke primordial feelings within people and connects with them, then I will have completed my job.

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All work by Alexandra

Alexandra Arata
2019, 41"x38"x2", mixed media on wood
Alexandra Arata
2019, 55'x96'x1", mixed media on wood