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My color fields are meant to zoom in and magnify the things that make up our many cultures. They are to give us a "specimen" for our "mental microscope," where both paintings and titles can be focused, enlarged and contemplated. Using oxymorons, redundant expressions, media-cliche's, double entendres and a splash of humor, gives the viewer a moment of pause to wonder at the relationship the title bears on the painting. I also want to give you a moment of introspection in your relationship to he painting and this world, of which you have become a living part.

When we see these color fields, we are seeing our beginnings unfold before our eyes. Earth's genesis is cought in a moment of time, yet timeless, in motion, yet still and unmoving. They are, in a sense, a universal, "Big Bang" revisited, yet silent to our ears.

Groups of color form bold, contrasting patterns on my canvas. The canvas yields to the touch of my palette knives, with thin smooth beads of paiknt smeared onto the blades, spread into spontaneous, layered patterns that form as the paint "bead" catches the tooth of the canvas. The paint at the leading edge of the blade rolls under the blade like a tsunami wave, leaving colored "debris" in its wake. Subtle contrasts appear as the painting develops, that suggest motion, terrain, elements, gaseous clouds and space.

My use of Modular Colors, based on the Munzel color system, allows exploring new levels of visual art, where no artist has dared to explore, beyond imagination into the very "DNA" of creativity and into the very soul and spirit of art.

As I spread many layers of paint, my direction gives way to my instinctive use of color. Contrasts of warm and cool, near and far, bright and dim, flood the canvas. Layer upon layer is folded onto the canvas, accidents allowed as part of the spontaneous event and even welcomed, building toward eventual harmony that only comes about when my mind's eye is satisfied.

I have attempted to bring into our lives a huge investment in pure color. It is my passion and purpose to create paintings that burst with color. They are at once part of the environment and a micro-environment created to beckon and draw the viewer in to become one with them.

My color fields are "cerebral" by nature, requiring of the viewer an adjustment period, a time to study and contemplate. They have meditative qualities that become more apparent with the passing of time. Often, just seeing one is not enough. One must "live with it" for a time, let it grow on them and have it play a presence in their life.

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Brent Lilly
2019, 40” x 30” x 1.5”, Modular Acrylic
Brent Lilly
60" X 48" , Modular Acrylic
Brent Lilly
60" X 48" , Modular Acrylic