8" x 8"


Framed digital print of found objects/assemblage. Limited edition (25).



A pink piece of paper with the words “Notice to Vacate” was taped to the door.  Boards had been nailed over the windows.  Signs on the property read “Keep out!  No trespassing!” 

Relics of a happy family life cluttered the entire length of the curb.  Cooking pots, gardening tools, a Spiderman Halloween mask, and a well-loved teddy bear memorialized a point in time when things were happy and good.  These possessions were not discarded on purpose.  They had to be left behind when the sheriff showed up.  There just wasn’t any way to take it all with them when they were ordered to leave.

The bank had levied a cold and cruel demand:  pick between your home and the health of your infant child.  The family asked for more time and begged for special consideration.  Their pleas were rejected and the proceedings moved swiftly.

What kind of system does this to people?

One that is broken, one that has failed its people, one that needs to be changed.