Silver Spring

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Lyrical, emotive, delineated feminity...romantic, vulnerable, poetic,  Floating roses and petals, thorns, clouds, symbols of the swirling female experience.  BFA in Fashion from Central Saint Martins in London, where looks were everything and being surrounded by judgement often was par for the course. Emma paints girls inspired in part by burlesque models seeking attention and fame and yet also inspired by the pure beauty and romance of the Pre Rapahelites. Elements of idealism and promise.  With nods to Expressionism and Pop art particularly with the choice of mixed medium, and colors... in part designing typography, using raw materials to paint on from Home Depot and mixing more classical painting techniques with spray can or simple drawing. Emma likes to observe.  And seen the juxtapositioning of real life, thus often juxta positions within her work in terms of technique. A quiet child in an overbearing childhood seeking sanity through a pencil led her to international Art shows and awards from a young age.  


All work by Emma

Emma Goodman O'Rourke
2018, 9 x 12, oil and ink on canvas
Emma Goodman O'Rourke
2018, 24 x 86, Acrylic on wood
Emma Goodman O'Rourke
2015, 72 x 72, oil on canvas
Emma Goodman O'Rourke
2015, 30 x 30, acrylic on wood
Emma Goodman O'Rourke
2014, 30 x 40, oil on canvas
Emma Goodman O'Rourke
2012, 30 x 58, oil on linen