14" x 47"


Chromaluxe Aluminum Print



from Transcolorations (2017)

Transcolorations stem from my efforts to translate digital color science into physical forms. 

Through the processes of rendering a series of ICC (International Color Consortium) Profiles – documents and standards that define how computers represent, interpret and process color data – into three-dimensional space, they effectively transliterate color science from bits of data into tangible forms and objects. 

As 3-dimensional objects, the works give form and structure – weight, mass, volume – to the abstract notion that computers need to define color. Taking on formal sculptural qualities, the works balance elements of science, data and visualization to show the viewer that color remains relative, even in the absolute binary of digital data. 

By digitally photographing the rendered shapes inside 3d visualization software, they become separated from their referential usefulness and are translated into pure expressions of color, shape, form and light. Without any absolute references to the physical model, the begin to ask questions of where the data originated from, and how our relationship with (and understanding of) the data can change our perspective on how we view and interpret.