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I am a multi-interdisciplinary artist based in Washington, D.C.. I utilize handmade paper, large-scale drawings, installations, animation, and interventions in order to explore themes of decay, fragility, turbulence and the ephemeral. My work is characterized by a high-contrast, textural, and monochromatic palette. I use repetitive and time-intensive processes — such as papermaking — as a means of documenting responses to change over time. My current practice explores casting paper as a way of preserving an imagined environment.

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Kristina King
2017, 44 x 34, graphite embedded in handmade paper
Kristina King
2017, 34 1/2 x 31, charcoal, cotton, abaca handmade paper
Kristina King
2017, 10 x 10, handmade paper
Kristina King
2014, handmade paper, newsprint