Artist's statement

Full Artist's statement

Lisa Trevino did not foresee herself as an artist, but chose to expand and grow her creativity and natural ability. She believes in her innate ability to see form and color in various subjects.

If asked, “Who inspires you?” She does not have a quick answer, but images of a lily pad pond, a personal experience, and the world around her answer the question, “What inspires you?” Not knowing how images will develop, but that they reappear as an expressive interpretation in her work, is exciting. She enjoys the process of making art; the task of trouble-shooting, shaping the composition or getting a specific idea across to the viewer.

Lisa continues education to explore numerous medias, understand different processes, and create work that overlaps several disciplines. She finds pleasure in relief printmaking, photography, drawing and painting.Lisa has no regrets regarding her art, it’s pure joy.

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