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I am interested in line, color, space, and audience. My artistic practice explores the integration of the natural and digital worlds, and employs contemporary computer aided design tools paired with the traditional conceptual techniques of drawing, painting, sewing, photography, and hand fabrication. My work asserts the craft-based primacy of the handmade, grounding itself in the modern world of technology.

I am currently incorporating new media installations, video projections and sculpture into experimental groups of narratives which juxtapose the natural environment with the assembled one. I generate ideas for these projects through research and site visits, and attempt to showcase local environs in an unexpected format. Giving a voice to things often considered mundane allows me to combine storytelling with my skills as a designer, fabricator, and tech geek.

My compositions address power dynamics, conflict, loss, marginalization and deterioration. Through referencing the natural processes of dissolution, my series reflects aspects of existence on the edge of potential demise. I am attempting to reflect the often hidden or ignored ephemeral beauty in our shared environment, sometimes referred to as the “Humble Sublime.” By investigating how the relationships of ones’ actions affect the surrounding human landscape, I am expressing my deep concerns about our the rapidly declining habitat.

I take an intuitive, tactile, hands-on approach in the design of my work, mixing careful planning with the unforeseen “accidents” that seem to always occur during the fabrication process. I investigate the effects of entropy on our environments by displaying the physical vulnerabilities of these objects to underscore the delicate nature of our surrounding ecosystems. The intent is to offer the community opportunities for pause and possible delight through a visual experience that allows for layers of interpretation and personal meaning. In doing so, my work aims to cultivate compassion for the physical world around us and for our own impermanent selves. I want to challenge the viewer’s notions of transcendence, thus allowing a transformation of perspectives into something completely different, and possibly, revealing a deeper understanding into our own humanity.


All work by Lynda

Lynda Andrews-Barry
2019, 240 x 192 x 192, public art installation
Lynda Andrews-Barry
2019, 84 x 72 x 72, video installation
Lynda Andrews-Barry
2019, 96 x 96 x 96, video installation
Lynda Andrews-Barry
2018, 120 x 120 x 120, public art installation
Lynda Andrews-Barry
2019, 96 x 96 x 96 x 96, art video, public art video
Lynda Andrews-Barry
2014, 72 x 24 x .75, sculpture
Lynda Andrews-Barry
2017, 20" x 20", photography, textile, embroidery,
Lynda Andrews-Barry
2016, 20 x 20 x 0.125, photography, embroidery, textile
Lynda Andrews-Barry
2017, 21" x 21", photography, embroidery, textile
Lynda Andrews-Barry
2020, 9'-0" x 1'-4" x 1'-0", found branch, rubber paint, cast concrete, river rocks, LED remote control lights
Lynda Andrews-Barry
2020, 6'-0" x 40'-0" x 60'-0", site specific public art installation
Lynda Andrews-Barry
2020, 42" x 48" x 48", site specific public art installation