Silver Spring

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As a kid from a family mired in trauma, my early art was pure self-preservation and escape. 
And then color began lighting my world. Christmas Lights. Crayola 64s. Neon Signs.
Decades later, I graduated to creating mixed media paintings with bold colors on big canvases.
My work expresses those things that initially cannot be put into words. My canvases are a springboard for personal insight, unconscious expression and social commentary. Often when complete, I come to a point of epiphany and am able to articulate and write about the inspiration that drove me.
My paintings include many layers and a myriad of found, up-cycled objects… items that one would not think of as particularly beautiful, but upon further glance offer artistry and meaning to the piece: vintage stamps, old sewing patterns, grocery bags, typewritten pages from my mother's unpublished love stories,  the tag from my daughter's jeans and bits of fabric from old quilts.
The recycling of historic and mundane objects resonates with me deeply.  On the surface, their beauty may not be apparent, but as you shift your focus, there is something there for you. And in many ways this is a metaphor for my worldview:
Things are best not judged quickly.  Nothing is all black or white—all good or bad.   That as you sit and allow yourself to open to new ways of seeing, you may find exactly what you need.  There maybe connection-- and even joy. 


All work by Terry

Terry Sitz
2015, 36x36, Mixed Media
Terry Sitz
2015, 36x36, Acrylic/Mixed Media
Terry Sitz
2016, 36x36, Acrylic/Mixed Media including up-cycled inclusions