WPA invites artists to submit 100-word proposals to present the work or thoughts of other artists and creative thinkers as part of an overall effort to develop and expand DC’s artist community. Projects can take any form or be of any duration, including one-night conversations, year-long exhibitions, installations, lectures, meals, performances, public interventions, publications, radio shows, readings, screenings, walks, etc. WPA will pay the co-producing artist (the artist submitting the proposal) an honorarium, following W.A.G.E. standards. It will also pay honoraria to participating artists and will collaborate with the co-producing artist to raise additional money for travel, materials, production, and other costs. 



The following artists are eligible to submit program ideas:

  1. Any artist residing in the DC-Maryland-Virginia metropolitan area
  2. Any artist formerly residing in the DC-Maryland-Virginia metropolitan area (we think of this as the DC diaspora)
  3. Any artist whose project idea would be significantly amplified by presentation in the particular socio-political context of DC



Projects can include artists or creative thinkers from anywhere. As a goal of this project is to expand dialogue and relationships amongst artists in DC and elsewhere, there are no geographic restrictions. Recent projects have included participants from as far away as Lima, Peru. 



There are no deadlines. WPA will respond to submissions on an ongoing basis, generally within 14 days of receipt. 



Eligible projects will be evaluated by WPA staff based on the following:

  1. Was the idea submitted by an artist from the DC region, or from the DC diaspora? Is the idea of particular relevance to Washington, DC or its communities?
  2. Is your idea principally about introducing WPA's audiences (current and future) to the ideas of other artists and creative thinkers rather than your own work?
  3. Is the idea imaginative, rigorous, and/or distinct? Will it provide WPA's audiences with opportunities for new experiences, access to new ideas, or unexpected perspectives on familiar subjects? 
  4. Does the project align with WPA’s values of collaboration, inclusion, and experimentation?
  5. Will the project help you, as an artist, to further develop your own practice?



Smaller, less-resource-intensive projects can be scheduled as early as 6-8 weeks from the date of the proposal. Large projects can be several months, or even years, in development.  



Email your proposal to ideas@wpadc.org. You may attach images or embed links to videos or websites. 



Artists who submit project ideas that align with WPA’s goals will be invited to come in to meet with staff. This will provide an opportunity for the artist and WPA to have a two-way conversation about the idea, for the artist to ask questions about WPA, for the artist and WPA to collaborate on idea-development, and for all parties to decide on what their roles and responsibilities will be throughout. Following this initial meeting, depending upon the scale of the project, artists will likely be invited to submit a full proposal. WPA will work closely with the artist on the development of the proposal in all its aspects, asking questions and sourcing solutions throughout the process vis-a-vis the project's goals and ambitions, the appropriateness of project participants, conceptual framing and communications, budgeting, partnerships, audience engagement, etc.