20 X 15


Digital print



The following works, “Post-tools of Conviviality after Ivan Illich” (PTC) were included as part of the Tool Book project by Sarah Sharp. “Taking inspiration from the Whole Earth Catalog and its emphasis on “access to tools” that elevate the “power of the individual to conduct his [their] own education, find his [their] own inspiration, shape his [their] own environment, and share his [their] adventure with whoever is interested…” it has been sourced from you, members of a dynamic, creative community.”

PTC was inspired by tools collected out of a friend’s grandfather’s shed that were used as the primary composition that included overlays of graphs, drawings and anatomical schematics.   The integration of excerpts from "Tools of Conviviality" by Ivan Illich intertwine with visual elements that complicate the initial use and dependency of tools that are often misused. 

Edition of 10 on archival print on matte paper.