dimensions variable


Two channel video, projectors, speakers, plexiglas


Measure In Common is part of a collaborative video exchange and performance with artists Rahraw Omarzad (Director of the Center for Contemporary Art Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan), Sheenkai Stanekzi (CCAA student, Kabul, Afghanistan) and Susan Main (Derwood, Maryland). The artists exchanged measured plots of ground via webcams and the Internet in a performance/installation called Yard of the Yard. For Measure In Common, one minute of the sky was recorded each hour of a working day (10 AM to 5 PM). The footage was exchanged via the mail and projected side by side in each country. To compensate for the time zone difference of 9 ? hours, the artists captured the sky during their 10 AM to 5 PM hours and then again to match the partner country?s 10 to 5. 5 PM (Kabul time) is 2:30 AM (Maryland time).