Join Anne-Sophie Coiffet for a brief discussion of her Bookshelves project—titled Dark Matter. The artist will discuss the topic and her specific selections. All of the books are for sale.

Through an eclectic selection of books from the arts, sciences, humanities, and philosophy, the artist Anne-Sophie Coiffet offers an original perspective on “dark matter.” Its meaning varying according to each field, dark matter shares a complex relationship with representation. It can refer to images deriving from the depths of the psyche (the unconscious), from society (oppressed minorities), and from the natural universe (black holes). Dark matter undergirds an imaginary that permeates each field--a boundless imaginary whose depth “does not require dimensions to exist” (Bachelard, The poetics of Space).

About the curator

Anne-Sophie Coiffet is a French artist and a visual art teacher based in Washington D.C. She has a Bachelor’s degree in literature and the history of art, and Masters degrees in theater and aesthetics. She has worked at various cultural institutions and art publications in Sicily, London, Spain and France. Currently, she is working toward a Ph.D. in aesthetics while also producing various graphic, editorial and video projects.

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Washington Project for the Arts
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Saturday, July 15, 4pm

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