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Moving Verse

Thursday, March 11, 2021 | 7–8pm



“Moving Verse” is an intimate poetry reading with Venezuelan authors Franklin Hurtado, Graciela Yáñez Vicentini, and Luis Moreno Villamediana to reflect on the forces that traverse and influence our relationships and our experience of language. Through the topics of the void, the echo, the broken, detachment, and goodbyes, these three poets explore the “touch of instability” that comes with foreignness.

Watch the recording from the talk and Q&A here.

About the Participating Authors

Franklin Hurtado is a poet and educator. He has taught literature at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, and worked as a copywriter and editor. In 2012, he won the award for new authors in poetry by Monte Ávila Editores with his first book, Sal (Salt), which was published in 2013. That same year, he got a special mention in the II Premio Equinoccio de Poesía Eugenio Montejo for a first version of Miel negra (Black Honey), published in 2020. His poetry has been included in anthologies such as destinos portátiles, muestra de poesía venezolana reciente (portable destinations, sample of recent Venezuelan poetry).

Graciela Yáñez Vicentini is a writer, editor, cultural promoter, proofreader, translator, and bookseller. She was editorial coordinator to the Papel Literario of El Nacional newspaper. She is now cultural manager at Ediciones “Letra Muerta”, assistant editor at Fundación La Poeteca, and co-editor to the collection Los rostros del futuro (The Faces of the Future) by Banesco. Her heteronym Egarim Mirage has published the poetry books: Espejeos al espejo (Mirages to the mirror) and Íntimo, el espejo (Intimate, the mirror). Her work has been featured in anthologies, journals, and magazines in Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela. Yáñez Vicentini’s poems were translated into English for the bilingual sample of Venezuelan poetry Lectura de la diáspora (Readings from the Diaspora) from Latin American Literature Today by Oklahoma University. She was awarded second place in Poetry by Ateneo de Caracas (1997), various recognitions in Narrative and Poetry in the Literary Festival by the UCV (2001, 2002, 2004), was a finalist in the short fiction contest Mosaico by the Embassy of Argentina/FILUC (2017), and received a special mention in the Transgeneric Annual Contest by the FCU (2017).

Luis Moreno Villamediana is a poet, narrator, essayist, critic, translator, and professor at the University of Los Andes. His poetry has been published in Cantares digestos (1996), Manual para los días críticos (2001), En defensa del desgaste (2008), Eme sin tilde (2009), Laphrase (2012), and Otono (sic) (2017). As a narrator, he published El edificio fantasma in 2015. He has received the José Rafael Pocaterra Biennial Poetry Prize (1992), Juan Antonio Pérez Bonalde International Poetry Prize (1997), Eugenio Montejo Equinox Poetry Prize (2011), First Prize of the Guillermo Meneses National Short Story Competition (2011), Book of the Year Book of the Booksellers Award, poetry category (2013), Children’s Literature Prize of the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz International Literature Contest (Mexico, 2014), Salvador Garmendia Annual Short Story Prize (2016), and Eugenio Montejo Literary Biennial Essay Prize (2017).

About this project

Notions of Exile is a virtual exhibition and series of programs, co-curated by Fabiola R. Delgado and Faride Mereb. The project explores the cultural influence of the largest recorded refugee crisis in the Americas—the forced migration of six million Venezuelans from their homeland—using Venezuelan writer and journalist Aquiles Nazoa’s stories of exile and migration as a metaphorical “table” around which the co-curators have gathered artists from Venezuela and its diaspora. The participants include Génesis Alayón, Leonardo Almao, Miguel Braceli, Deborah Castillo, Alexander Chaparro, Gabriela García, Mercedes Golip, Samoel González, Franklin Hurtado, Diana López, Henry Rueda, Henry Solórzano, Ugo Ulive, Graciela Yáñez Vicentini, and Luis Moreno Villamediana.

Calling all artists What question fuels your practice? Submit Your Idea How does your process manifest?
Calling all artists What question fuels your practice? Submit Your Idea How does your process manifest?
Calling all artists What question fuels your practice? Submit Your Idea How does your process manifest?