WPA’s 2023 End-of-Year Campaign

I am deeply grateful for your consideration of support for WPA’s vital, world-building work among the many worthy causes vying for your attention this holiday season.

WPA is a home to artists who dream of a world built not by the myth of individual genius, but by the belief that only through organized collective effort will we be able to shape a vision of a more inclusive and equitable future for all. This moment—in which the world’s prolonged recovery from the traumas of Covid has been complicated by so much upheaval and instability—demands an art space that can support shared moments of reflection, healing, and dreaming… a space for artists and audiences to imagine new paths forward together. This is the work that WPA does so well and the work that I’m excited for us to take further in collaboration with you and the artists whom our donations will support in the year ahead.

Please join me in supporting the imaginative futures WPA is making possible right here in DC. And help us to sustain DC’s legacy as a vibrant hub for contemporary art and thought!

– Travis Chamberlain, Director