Organized by Yacine Tilala Fall

What is visual emancipation? What does it look like? Yacine Tilala Fall is working with a group of black female and gender non-conforming artists to address these questions (and more) that will be presented as performance-based, embodied self-portraits in the fall of 2022. Stay tuned for updates as her research develops. 

About the Artist-Organizer

Yacine Tilala Fall is an interdisciplinary artist based in DC. Inspired by her Senegalese and Mauritanian heritage, her work and practice speak to the human body and its entangled relationship with labor, history, and faith. Using natural materials, she investigates concepts of heritage, ritual, and function through performance, sculpture, painting and installation. She received a BFA from the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design.

Image Credit: Grace Roselli, Pandora's BoxX Project

About our Program Model

We designed our artist-driven program model because we recognize that artists are increasingly collaborating across boundaries and borders to build community and shape discourse. We are interested in facilitating these collaborations through artist-driven inquiry. Our program model provides artists with the opportunity to expand their practices and experiment without absorbing financial burdens or capacity barriers. We provide resources to create critical connections and long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships that build artistic communities around knowledge-sharing. 


Beginning September 2022